Welcome to the Virtual Event

Join us on June 17 at our virtual conference and exhibition, exploring the key challenges and opportunities around the future of flight. We’ll be discussing topics across Urban Air Mobility (UAM), Cyber Security, Space, MRO, Digital Tools and Technology and Sustainability.

We’re also pleased to be joined by some of our partners at the event:

Vertical Aerospace, a global pioneer in sustainable aviation technologies they are one of only a handful of companies to have flown two full-scale all-electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) prototypes with UK Civil Aviation Authority approval.


AERALIS, the British aerospace company developing the next generation of modular jet trainer aircraft. Utilising its patented modular design, the AERALIS family of aircraft offers air forces around the world an increase in capability but with drastically reduced through life costs.

Why Attend?

Join virtually from the comfort of your home or office from any device, while decreasing your traveling time and cost. During these unprecedented times, with all large-scale events cancelled we’re looking at new and exciting ways to engage with people and continue to discuss advances in our field.

Engage and network with Atkins, our partners and other attendees using interactive and intuitive chat capabilities.

Learn about the latest trends, services and solutions influencing the future of flight, with expert from Atkins and our partners at our virtual booths. The Atkins stands will cover a variety of topics such as: UAM, Cyber Security, Space, MRO, Digital Tools and Technology and much more!


Andrew Munday - Unlocking the third dimension in transportation
Matt Simpson - Cyber resilience within aviation
Andrew Caughey - The role of space in Urban Air Mobility
James Domone - The future of aerospace sustainability: energy & circles
Claire Jameson – Fatigue impact on a grounded fleet
James Richmond - MRO: A forgotten barrier to UAM
Tim Edwards: - The future of aerospace structures
Andrew McCue-Brown - Air-C19 Rescue: how technology can reboot passenger aviation to a new normal

Frequently Asked Questions

On June 17th there will be virtual (live) sessions starting at 11am BST.
No. You do not need to download or install any software to participate in our conference. You only need to have access to the internet.
STEP 1: Register through the landing page.
STEP 2: Log in to your account on the day of the event.
STEP 3: Watch the live sessions and browse through the booths of the event to connect with colleagues and access the content.
In case of having trouble logging in please reach out to customersupport@vfairs.com
Yes, the sessions will be recorded and available on the 17th of June and for 30 days after the event.
Don't worry. You can login and access the content untill 30 days after the recording.
Yes. You can download all of the available documents or access them in your browser.